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South-Eastern Virginia National Board Certified Teachers Regional Network

Our organization serves Virginia's Region 2, or Tidewater Region, as defined by the Virginia Department of Education.  Our membership includes educators within the region as well as affiliate members who live beyond our region but support our mission.

​In 2011, SEVA NBCT Regional Network became a registered entity in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we are currently a 501c3 not-for-profit educational organization. 


SEVA NBCT Regional Network began in the early 2000's when a group of National Board Certified teachers in Chesapeake were driven by the shared belief that the National Board Certification process was an important professional growth experience that positively impacted student learning. These teachers sought to build a network that would support candidates for certification and provide professional development and leadership opportunities to current NBCTs. 


We know that the cost of certification remains a barrier to some educators. In order to increase access to Board certification for every teacher across the country, today we are making available a payment plan to break up the cost of Board certification. 

New Payment Plan

The payment plan is intended to help ease the financial burden for those interested in pursuing Board certification and has the following benefits:

The payment plan will not increase the cost at all--it simply breaks up the component fees and allows you to pay them in six monthly installments. Under this plan, each component will cost about $80 per month! 

Find out more about the new payment plan, including helpful FAQs, and how you can utilize the flexibility here.

A National Board account is needed to engage in the payment plan. Create a new account today

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Beth Spriggs

Vice President, Candidate Experience & Systems

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Webinars and Resources 

Access free professional development webinars covering such topics as remote learning, technology, building community and more.

Virginia Wesleyan University has 5 online courses for candidates: a Precandidacy course which helps a candidate prepare for pursuing candidacy and a course for each of the four components which could be taken prior to or while working on the component.  Each course is online and 7 weeks long.  The Precandidacy course starts May 18th.

Click here to learn how to enroll.

SEVA Partners with VWU to Support Candidates

Virginia Wesleyan University, in partnership with SEVA, is developing online courses to support candidates in their pursuit of National Board Certification. These courses are entirely online and run for only 7 weeks. Each is one credit and tuition reimbursement may apply since the courses provide strong professional development even if you are not currently a National Board candidate. Each course costs $399. The courses are being written by SEVA members and two classes are currently up and running.